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Hair loss

Stimulate hair regrowth through a complete in-clinic medical micro-needling treatment with Dermaroller's EDermaStamp (latest generation medical micro-needling device) and induction of powerful growth factors.

The most efficient and advanced in the industry - Class 2 medical device approved by Health Canada.

Ideal for: Androgenetic alopecia - Alopecia areata - Scalp rejuvenation

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Hair loss

Hair loss begins, on average, from the age of 25 for men and 40 for women. Often this is due to hormonal issues, thyroid issues, or genetics.

In the United States and Canada, approximately 60% of men suffer from baldness and 40% of women over 50 also suffer from it.

Hair loss is multifactorial; we lose hair for the following reasons: - The natural aging of the tissues of the scalp - Sun exposure - Nutrient deficiencies - Harmful chemical...

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Processing & Technology

At Dermagyms, to treat hair loss, we use the eDermaStamp©️ platform from Dermaroller©️ (the most efficient latest generation medical grade micro-needling on the market) to infuse powerful sterile growth factors and exosomes in depth, thanks to micro lesions, a powerful complex of natural DHT blockers (XcellarisPro™️), antioxidants and cellular activity stimulants (XcellarisPro™️) as well as vitamins and amino acids (XcellarisPro™️) necessary for healthy growth hair. We therefore stimulate the stem cells of the hair follicles.

EDermaStamp by Dermaroller® is equipped with the most advanced handpiece in the industry, allowing for minimal discomfort during treatment and optimal results. This microneedling at a rate of 150 strokes per second which allows rapid movement without scratching or tearing. The needle modules are all sterile and for single use, opened in front of the patients.

This medical grade treatment helps boost hair regrowth, a healthy scalp, thicker hair that won't fall out, stronger, shinier hair.

This micro-needling treatment is particularly suitable for people with:

  • mild to moderate alopecia, 

  • thinning or partially receding hair, 

  • women who have suffered hair loss following pregnancy.

  • For people who have suffered hair loss due to stress or following an operation.


For a very marked absence of hair, stimulation is more complicated or even sometimes impossible. Indeed, stimulation by mesotherapy treatment can only be done in the presence of an already existing bulb.  In the event that the baldness is more established, you can always turn to hair micrografting, subsequently completing with a micro-needling treatment to stimulate the growth of the grafts and stimulating the scalp.

Traitement & Technologie


The procedure is simple and quite quick. First, and after an initial consultation with a Dermagyms specialist, the treatment will begin with a scalp exfoliation with Hydrafacial, a necessary step in order for the scalp to be prepared to receive the treatment (20-30 minutes). 

Then, it's time for microneedling, we will prepare the handpiece by installing the sterile single-use referral module that will be removed from its packaging in front of you and we will affix the proof of sterility to your file.

In case you are taking Xcellaris Pro, this treatment is composed of 8 ampoules (one ampoule per treatment used) which will be infused on the areas to be treated during the micro-needling session.
In case you are taking the Exosomes 5B treatment, the specialist will open the two sterile vials and make the mixture.

After disinfecting the scalp, the treatment begins. It usually takes between 30 and 40 minutes for the session.

The last step will be the infrared LED for 20 minutes.

You can resume your activities immediately afterwards. You may notice some redness and slight bruising after the procedure, which will disappear very quickly.

The Xcellaris Pro protocol consists of 8 treatments, one treatment every 2 weeks.

For Exosomes 5B, the protocol is 4 treatments, one treatment every 4 weeks.

It is also possible to combine the two treatments for more efficiency.





Book your free consultation for a customized treatment plan with the specialist or book your treatment by contacting us :

At Dermagyms, we offer you three payment options:

  1. Pay the regular price per session.

  2. Subscribe to our memberships to enjoy our member rates and exclusive benefits.

  3. Pay for packages and enjoy member pricing or promotions without subscriptions.

Students have access to member prices on all our services upon presentation of proof.Possibility of financing at 0%. Ask one of our specialists for more information.


Maintenance care

In order to have continuous results, a hair lotion will be applied with the Dermaroller©️ Home Care roller every day at your home



You will not be able to do this treatment if you have:

Active infection of any type (bacterial, viral or fungal) • Blood thinning drugs • Heart disease/abnormalities • Chemotherapy or radiation therapy • Vascular disease • Eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis • Hemophilia/bleeding disorders • Therapy of hormone replacement • Keloid/hypertrophic effect • Breastfeeding/pregnancy (dry needling) • Avoid high lesions • Recent chemical peel • Accutane (wait 6-12 months) • Recent problematic topical product use • Active rosacea • Cancer of the skin • Sunburn • Tattoos • Telangiectasia / erythema • Vascular lesions (hemangiomas) • Uncontrolled diabetes

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