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Neuromodulator injections

Say goodbye to expression wrinkles. Our aesthetic doctor use Botox™️.


Natural results, become the best version of yourself.


Personalized treatment, the doctor will judge the minimum quantity necessary according to the results you want.

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& technology

At Dermagyms, become the best version of yourself! We offer personalized treatments for results that are always natural.

Neuromodulator injections are given by our aesthetic doctor who will treat Botox™️.

For more information about neuromodulator injections, contact us now and make an appointment for a consultation.

Traitements et tehnologies


A personalized evaluation: The doctor will first evaluate your goals and then propose a treatment that suits you. Each person is unique and experiences aging differently, which is why the treatment will be personalized. In addition, the cost and duration of the treatment will be evaluated according to your choices.

Afterwards, the doctor will take a picture of your face before the treatment. Photography has different uses, it allows the injecting doctor to better show you the areas that will be treated and will help you to see the evolution before/after.

Then, the injecting physician will make a personalized muscle diagnosis in order to determine the future injection points using a white pencil. He will ask you to frown, raise your eyebrows or smile strongly . He will then evaluate the strength of your muscles and the treatment that will follow for nice results.

Treatment begins. The injector doctor, with the help of his marking points will start the injections. He will judge for himself the minimum quantities required to obtain the result you want.


At Dermagyms, our esthetic doctor will always offer you natural results according to your desires and goals.

Each person is unique, that's why we offer personalized services to enhance each person's natural beauty.

The molecule used at Dermagyms is the purest on the market and authorized for sale by Health Canada. The procedure is safe and respects established protocols.



Whether you are a member or not, book your treatment now by contacting us by phone.

Booking & Prices

Maintenance care

It is recommended to have a maintenance session every 3 to 6 months to maintain the results. Touch-ups may be necessary as a follow-up.

Soins de maintien


Pregnant or breastfeeding women should delay this type of treatment. Patients with certain neuromuscular disorders should avoid this type of injectable.

Also, it is recommended to avoid taking aspirin or any other medication containing aspirin one week prior to treatment.

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