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Face analysis

The latest generation of in-depth skin analysis.

Reveals what's on the surface and under the skin. (texture, pores, acne and acne scars, pigment spots, rosacea, rosacea, redness, wrinkles and fine lines, dehydration, skin health ...)

Choice of perfectly adapted treatments.

Choice of cosmeceutical products perfectly adapted to the needs of the skin.

Follow-up before-after treatments with image comparisons.

Leave with your analysis.


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At Dermagyms , for a healthy skin you must first understand it! For this reason we use the OBSERV 520x which is a unique, high-tech skin analysis system that exposes skin like never before. Using sophisticated skin-illuminating technology, the OBSVERV 520x reveals surface irregularities and those lurking beneath the skin's surface. This makes it possible to diagnose all kinds of skin abnormalities: the visible ones and also those that are invisible to the naked eye before they even reach the surface.

The OBSERV 520x is an essential tool in the choice of treatments and cosmeceutical products perfectly adapted to the needs of the skin , then to compare the images and observe the progress of the skin before, during and after the treatment.


Step 1: The specialist finds out the reason for your visit.

Step 2: The specialist places you in the OBSERV 520x and explains the steps to follow.

Step 3: The specialist starts the system to discover your skin profile and visualize the characteristics of the different skin layers.

Step 4: The in-depth consultation begins, view your skin profile at the same time. We will analyze for example everything that can be seen in daylight mode, the surface texture (pores, wrinkles, fine lines, scars ...), the pigmentation on the surface and under the skin (pigment spots, hyperpigmentation, sun damage ...), the vascular surface and under the skin (redness, sensitivities, blood circulation, rosacea, acne ...), acne, skin sagging, hydration, the type of skin etc ...

Step 5: Development of an ultra-personalized and perfectly adapted treatment protocol.

Step 6: Leave with your skin profile.

From the second session, compare the results before and after treatments.


Each skin is different and has specific needs. The use of the OBSERV 520x therefore makes it possible to significantly improve analyses, diagnoses and to offer a treatment that is truly adapted to each patient, according to their skin. It also allows to establish a complete follow-up before and after treatment to observe the improvements and the quality of the skin. 




Face analysis


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