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The #1 non-surgical fat reduction treatment.

20+ years of research , 11 millions treatments worldwide.

Safe, predictable, and natural looking : Up to 27% fat reduction after a single treatment

Little-to-no downtime : Treatment takes around 35 minutes

Approved by Health Canada.

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CoolSculpting® is a body contouring treatment ideal for candidates 

who want help eliminating stubborn fat in places that are resistant to diet and exercise. With over 8 million treatments performed, CoolSculpting® has helped both men and women shape away their unwanted bulges.

We’ll work with you to come up with a personalized treatment plan to meet your goals.

How does it work ?

Each CoolSculpting® treatment precisely targets a particular area, killing only these fat cells without any damage to the surrounding skin or tissue.

1. An applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling to the target area.

2. Fat cells underneath the skin are cooled to the precise temperature at which they crystallize. 

3. Your body then naturally metabolizes these dead fat cells over the following weeks. 

4. This process removes the cells completely – and they aren’t replaced by new cells, so they’re gone for good.

Traitement et tech


At Dermagyms, you will begin with a consultation with the doctor and the treating specialist.

There are 10 different areas you can target and treat with CoolSculpting® : Under the chin - Bra fat - Chest - Upper arm - Back fat - Flank - Abdomen - Under the buttock - Thigh - Knees.

Based on your needs and goals, we will determine a personalized treatment plan.

The duration of the treatment per area is approximately 30 minutes. An applicator is able to destroy up to 27% of fat cells in one session. You can multiply the sessions (up to 27% of fat cells elimination at each session, the destroyed cells will not come back!)

Once the session is over, the specialist will massage the treated areas. Afterwards, you can return to your activities.

A follow-up appointment will be scheduled with your specialist.

Results are visible 4 weeks to 3 months after the first session, the time it takes for the body to eliminate dead cells. Generally, 2 sessions, 8-12 weeks apart, are required for optimal results.


A consultation will be necessary to establish a customized treatment plan.

Whether you are a member or not, book your free consultation now by contacting us by phone.

Monthly payments available.

Maintenance care

Once fat cells are destroyed it is for life!

It is possible to multiply sessions in order to eliminate more fat cells.

A healthy diet and exercise is strongly recommended.


You can't do this treatment if you currently have or have had any of the following :

Cryoglobulinemia (a condition in which an abnormal level of proteins thicken the blood in cold temperatures), or

paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria or cold agglutinin disease (blood disorders in which cold temperatures lead to red

blood cell death).

- Known sensitivity to cold such as cold urticaria (hives triggered by cold), Raynaud’s disease (disorder in which cold

leads to reduced blood flow in the fingers, which appear white, red, or blue), pernio or Chilblains (itchy and/or tender

red or purple bumps that occur as a reaction to cold).

- Poor blood flow in the area to be treated.

- Neuropathic (nerve) disorders such as post-herpetic neuralgia or diabetic neuropathy.

- Impaired skin sensation.

- Open or infected wounds.

- Bleeding disorders or use of blood thinners.

- Recent surgery or scar tissue in the area to be treated.

- A hernia or history of hernia in the area to be treated or adjacent to treatment site.

- Skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, or rashes.

- Pregnancy or lactation (making breast milk or breast feeding).

- Any active implanted devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators.

- Any major health problems such as liver disease.

- Any known sensitivity to isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) or propylene glycol.

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