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Adipose fat cells

At Dermagyms, we focus on the destruction of fat cells. These are the fat cells that make us bulges that are very difficult to remove. You know that little fat that you can pinch with your hands!

Where do fat cells come from? It's genetic, the number of fat cells is determined from birth. We don't gain cells and we don't lose them, simply when we gain weight the cells will enlarge and when we lose weight they will shrink.

Finally, at Dermagyms, we can sculpt and refine the body's silhouette with Coolsculpting, the only cryolipolysis treatment with over 11 million results worldwide.


This treatment destroys fat cells by cold without altering the skin. The fat cells are permanently eliminated.

It is not a treatment to lose weight but will be a powerful ally to your diet to reinforce the melting of fat.

It is also the ideal treatment for those who have a healthy life, a balanced diet, who do sports but cannot get rid of some very stubborn bulges. Coolsculpting will eliminate adipose fat cells to sculpt a person's figure.

Almost all areas of the body can be treated with proven results in 8 to 12 weeks. It is a painless or almost painless treatment with optimal treatment comfort. The treatment leaves no scars and does not subject the patient to any social eviction. The results last for several years.


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