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Redness and rosacea

Redness can be due to a hypersensitivity of the skin. Most often due to environmental factors, non-adapted products that make the skin finally sensitive and reactive, dehydration etc..

A vascular condition such as rosacea is a skin condition.

These imperfections are harmless and often hereditary. Benign, they appear as redness and small bluish red vessels.

Although it is a genetic predisposition in most cases, these small skin problems are caused by exposure to UV rays and environmental pollution combined with the aging process.

Rosacea is usually genetic and even today we do not know the cause. It is a skin condition that is not treatable but there are treatments to control Rosacea safely and effectively.

How to treat redness and control rosacea?

Photorejuvenation (IPL): Intense Pulsed Light is a light beam that coagulates vascular conditions. 2 to 4 treatments will be necessary, to be repeated as needed every year or every 2 years.

Celluma Elite: Advanced low level LED therapy technology combined with photorejuvenation will dramatically improve results.

O2toDerm : This unique treatment uses an oxygen dome to generate a continuous flow of highly concentrated 92% pure oxygen under hyperbaric pressure, as well as the use of anion therapy and LED. Combined with photorejuvenation it will improve the results and the post treatment recovery time will be reduced.

ZO©️ SKIN HEALTH medical grade products: The program for sensitive skin and redness will be perfectly adapted to maintain the results obtained in clinic.


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