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XCellarisPRO HC902 by Dermaroller™️

XCellarisPRO HC902 by Dermaroller™️


The skin is our largest organ, covering an area of up to two square meters. However, with advancing age, skin damage increases. The XCellarisPRO HC902 can help maintain smoother, fresher and younger-looking skin. The tiny micro-needles of the XCellarisPRO HC902 remove old scales, deposits and blockages from the top layer of skin, the epidermis. The complexion of your skin becomes finer, more radiant and more transparent. Blemishes and enlarged pores can be significantly reduced. With only two to three applications per week, your skin will be softer, fresher and brighter after just a few weeks.

The 0.2 millimeter long short micro-needles only penetrate the upper layer of the skin (epidermis). Treatment with the XCellarisPRO HC902 is therefore virtually painless. This is also due to the very high quality and sharpness of the needles which are produced and checked according to strict quality criteria in Germany. There are no comparable products from the Far East, which by the way are only cheap copies of our originals.
Home use of the XCellarisPRO HC902 is also very well suited to support professional microneedling performed by a dermatologist.

The XCellarisPRO HC902 can be used multiple times by the same person, as the microneedles only penetrate the top layer of the skin. Regular and thorough cleaning after each application is essential for repeated use. Otherwise, hygienic application cannot be guaranteed, resulting in skin irritation.

- gives the skin a clear and fresh complexion
- creates a clear and clear complexion
- removes dead skin cells
- can reduce blackheads and pimples
- can reduce pores
- stimulates the production of collagen in the skin
- promotes blood circulation
- the original product with the best needle quality - Made in Germany

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