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XCellarisPRO Hair Lotion

XCellarisPRO Hair Lotion

70 Milliliters

Hair lotion helps stimulate hair follicles and strengthen hair roots. This creates  the basis for the growth of strong and thick hair. The hair lotion also ensures optimal anchoring of the hair in the root, which delays hair loss.

It is highly recommended to use the lotion in combination with the XcellarisPro HC902 from Dermaroller™️ for best results.
For optimum results, we advise to follow the hair loss treatment in the clinic in addition.

1. Disinfect the scalp.

2. Separate the hair using a comb.

3. In the daily routine, treat the separated area, we recommend the original XCellarisPRO HC902.
In the weekly routine, have the separated area treated by a specialist in the clinic following the hair loss treatment.

4. During the daily routine, apply a few drops of Hair Lotion to the treated skin area and massage in the Hair Lotion intensively.

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