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Multi-Therapy Hydroquinone System

Multi-Therapy Hydroquinone System


A complete system formulated to help treat hyperpigmentation, severe skin texture damage, sun damage and aid in the overall restoration of skin health.


This program contains:

Gentle Cleanser - 60 mL / 2 Fl. Oz.

Exfoliating Polish - Net Wt. 16.2 g / 0.57 Oz.

Complexion Renewal Pads - 30 Pads

Daily Power Defense - 30 mL / 1 Fl. Oz.

Pigment Control 2% Hydroquinone Cream - Net Wt. 80 mL / 1 Fl. Oz.

Pigment Control Cream + Blending 2% Hydroquinone - Net Wt. 80 mL / 1 Fl. Oz.

- Treatment of moderate to severe hyperpigmentation, especially melasma

- Treats very dry, dull, rough and leathery skin to help restore a smooth, healthy glow

- Ideal to use as a pre/post procedure to help maintain results longer

- Helps improve the overall appearance and quality of the skin

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