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C$5,100.00 Regular Price
C$3,000.00Sale Price

Postpartum package details:


- Consultation a tailor-made treatment

- Body remodeling: 8 sessions (each session will be spaced 1 week apart)

- Resurfacing  : 3 treatment sessions for stretch marks (each session will be spaced 4 weeks apart)

- For security reasons, you may not be able to receive this treatment if you have the following conditions:

- Active inflammation and/or infection of the treatment area

- Cancer or a history of cancer

- A degenerative neurological disease or any other disease around the treatment area that can be triggered by heat

- An internal defibrillator or pacemaker

- Metal implants (except dental implants) in the treatment area

- An uncontrolled disorder of the thyroid gland

- Varicose veins

- A current pregnancy or in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure

- Autoimmune diseases of the skin from implants and/or

- Silicone injections in the treatment area

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