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O2ToDerm (92% pure oxygen and LED)

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We are the only clinic in Montreal to have the highly concentrated 92% pure oxygen facial under hyperbaric pressure and anionic therapy with LED!

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A unique experience for a more radiant, hydrated and healthy skin. Significantly improves skin care results when used post treatment.


Approved by Health Canada.

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New to Dermagyms, the O2ToDerm Oxygen and LED Facial is a revolutionary skin treatment known to be used by celebrities to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

This unique treatment utilizes an Oxygen Dome to generate a continuous flow of highly concentrated 92% pure oxygen under hyperbaric pressure, as well as the use of anionic therapy to regenerate skin cells and LED therapy.

At Dermagyms, O2toDerm can be used as a single treatment for a single facial or post treatment to maximize treatment results and provide a faster and safer recovery time. The most difficult treatments become more pleasant.


The benefits of oxygen :

Oxygen is an essential element for our ability to breathe and our body to function optimally. It is also essential to regenerate damaged cells and decompose lactic acid. O2toDerm produces up to 92% pure oxygen, making skin respiration better, rejuvenating the skin, and achieving anti-aging results. It improves the skin's ability to reproduce collagen to improve signs of aging. It eliminates ROS aka Reactive Oxygen Species, which is a primary source of skin aging.  The oxygen also reduces acne-causing bacteria and rebalances the skin's pH level.

The benefits of ANION : 

Anions are "vitamins from air". Anions improve respiration, cell activity, and wellbeing. 

Anions have the ability to reduce reactive oxygen species, revitalize cells, improve our circulatory system, and improve the body's response to healing. Reactive Oxygen Species is a number of reactive molecules and free radicals derive from oxygen. Too much ROS can cause cell death. A sufficient amount of ROS can help cells grow. 

Free Radicals are atoms or molecules that have lost one or more electrons. This causes chain reactions to gain electrons to destabilize. Causes of free radicals could be air pollution, radiation, smoking, burnt food, extreme stress, and sun exposure.

Bienfaits l'oxygène par inhalation :

Increases the energy level, improves the circulatory and immune system. Decreases stress and increases the level of concentration while reducing respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous problems, headaches etc...

Benefits of LED combined with oxygen :

Red light: promotes collagen production, improves healing, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, improves skin texture, improves psoriasis, eczema and rosacea, improves scars.

Yellow light: regenerates cells, increases blood flow to the skin, reduces damage caused by UV rays, helps heal skin irritations and rosacea.

Blue Light: Balances skin PH, prevents breakouts, oxygenates skin, kills acne-causing bacteria, helps calm inflamed skin, increases cell regeneration for healthy skin.

Green Light: Calms the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties, reduces hyperpigmentation, stimulates the absorption of nutrients by the skin, repairs sun damage, improves sagging skin around the eyes, reduces sun spots.


Step 1: Cleaning the skin

Step 2: Mechanical exfoliation by hydrabrasion or chemical exfoliation

Step 3: Installation of the oxygen dome with LED 

Step 4: Oxygen gun spray with vitamins and hyaluronic acid.

Step 5: Setting up the dome.

Step 6: Application of cream and/or sunscreen

It is also possible to do a HYDRAFACIAL x O2toDerm treatment or to add the O2toDerm post treatment to improve the results.


OXYGEN FACIAL (O2ToDERM LED) : Regular price 190$ / Member price 150$

HYDRAFACIAL x O2ToDERM LED : Regular price 300$ / Member price 250

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Pregnant or breastfeeding women should postpone this treatment.

The use of certain photo-sensitizing drugs as well as certain diseases.

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