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Our team

Dr. Laurent Cossette
Physician in aesthetics
Dr. Laurent Cossette is a graduate of the University of Sherbrooke and obtained his certification for the practice of aesthetic medicine at the end of his training with the renowned Dr. Ohayon in Montreal. 
His practice ranges from the treatment of aesthetic dermatological conditions (acne, achrocordon, rosacea, warts, seborrheic keratosis) via medical treatment or cryotherapy, to hair loss in men, as well as a wide range of anti-aging injections (neuromodulators, filling agents and volumizing).

Dr. Cossette's priority is the satisfaction of his patients, which he achieves through meticulous and perfectionist work with attention to detail. He proposes his treatments according to the patient's wishes and respecting the facial features of each person, in order to obtain an aesthetic and natural result.

It will be a pleasure for Dr. Cossette to meet with you and to answer your expectations.
Marina Kolganova
Medical and aesthetic technician
Certified specialist in aesthetic medicine: Hair loss - Laser hair removal, IPL and electrolysis - Photorejuvenation - Resurfacing - Tattoo removal - Face and body reshaping - Chemical peeling - Medical microneedling with growth factors ...

In the field since 2017 and also a trainer, Marina has developed a strong passion and expertise for modern technologies, medical-aesthetic skin care protocols and medical grade products. She will be able to guide you in achieving your goals and recommend the skin care regimen to achieve your healthiest skin.

Her work will be ultra-personalized and tailored to the needs of each client.

Make an appointment with Marina to benefit from her expertise.
Clara Charest
Technician / Esthetician
Certified specialist in aesthetic medicine: Coolsculpting - Hair loss - Resurfacing - Photorejuvenation - Microneedling medical grade class 2 - Tattoo removal - Peeling - Thermocoagulation - Laser hair removal - IPL - Remodeling face and body - Hydrafacial ...

In the field since 2015, Clara has developed a great passion and expertise in aesthetic medicine and medical grade cosmeceutical products. For Clara, each person is unique, so personalization is key. With her expertise, she will help you reach your goals whether it is for in-clinic treatments or for your home care regimen.

Make an appointment with Clara today.
Joann Consus
Being a nurse for more than 15 years, Joann has developed a great expertise in the hospital field, especially in surgery. She is also specialized in aesthetic medicine.

Listening to each client, personalizing each of her treatments according to their needs, you can benefit from her expertise to achieve your goals.

Make an appointment with Joann now.
Co-founder and Manager of the center / Medical aesthetician
A former high-level tennis player, for Edouard, health, well-being and adopting an exemplary lifestyle are part of his deep nature.

Entrepreneur at heart, in 2014, he launched a sport and wellness activity around an original product, the Waff.

At the same time, passionate about cosmeceutical products, he was formed in the creation / formulation of natural plant-based cosmetics.

His experience in wellness and his training led him to think with his current partners the concept Dermagyms.

Now a specialist in medical grade cosmetics and aesthetic medicine, Edouard will help you achieve your goals, whether in a clinic or at home with a personalized skin care regime.

According to Edouard, "The skin is the largest and most exposed organ in our body. It is not just a simple envelope. It has a complex composition, interacts with the environment and performs vital functions. It plays an important role in our well-being, self-confidence and health. Just as when we play sports, we must maintain it whether in a clinic or at home".
If you come to Dermagyms, you won't be able to miss him, he is always present to help you reach your goals and share his good mood!
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