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For both men and women, hair can be a nuisance. Whether it's for practicality, so that you don't have to shave or wax every day or every month of your life, or whether it's for people who have ingrown hairs that can lead to cysts or infections.

For those who want to get rid of hair permanently to improve their daily life or to solve a more medical problem caused by hair, it is possible.

The life cycle of a hair

Hair forms under the skin and exits through the follicular pores present on the surface of the skin. The hair will be different depending on the ethnicity of each person and the density is different depending on each person.

The hair is formed in the bulb which is at the level of the dermis at 1,5 mm under the skin. In this bulb the hair root is formed.


During its growth phase, when the root is still connected to the bulb, this is when the laser can destroy the bulb since. It is a short period in its growth phase, it will eventually detach from the bulb and fall off.

You will have understood, the life cycle of a hair is divided into 3 phases:

The anagen phase: The time of hair formation and growth.

The catagen phase: The moment when the hair stabilizes and stops growing.

The telogen phase: The moment when the hair dies. It falls and will leave the place to a new hair.

How to get rid of hair permanently?

There are several methods to remove unwanted hair such as depilatory wax, tweezers, razor ... But all these methods are not permanent and it will have to be redone every day or every week, so it is not sustainable.

To say goodbye to unwanted hair permanently, to get rid of it once and for all and finally have an easier life or simply to thin out the areas we offer at Dermagyms :


Laser hair removal: An infallible technology that progressively removes hair in 5 to 8 sessions. Permanent hair removal laser will work on all skin and hair types, except for white or very light blond hair.

At Dermagyms the consultation is free.


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