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Clinique Virtuelle

Get up to 30% off laser hair removal, face and body contouring, and cellulite packages, plus 10% off products purchased in our virtual clinic.

Our online clinic offers video consultations, eliminating the need for in-person visits for your information and assessment appointments. You'll benefit from accurate assessments, relevant recommendations, and all essential information regarding your needs, all provided by an experienced specialist in a safe and private setting. This service gives those considering using Dermagyms services the convenience of easily scheduling a consultation while receiving tailored professional advice.

This digital interface is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers. Our specialist can directly add any essential document to your file, ensuring a comprehensive record of your interactions and necessary follow-ups.

After booking your appointment, you will immediately receive a confirmation email, followed by reminders 72 hours and 24 hours before your consultation begins. A form with the video conference link will need to be filled out prior to your assessment.


The video conference assessment is entirely free and will last 30 minutes.

When you book, to complete the process, our secure system will ask for your credit card informations. NOTHING will be charged; it's solely to finalize your booking and ensure you adhere to our cancellation policy (you can cancel without charge up to 48 hours before your appointment; after that, a $20 fee will be charged). You can easily reschedule or cancel your appointment using the link in your reminder messages or by calling us at 514 419 1144.

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