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The skin around the eyes is 5 times thinner than elsewhere, so it is more vulnerable to external aggressions and is very sensitive and fragile.

Dark circles

Dark circles can make the eyes look particularly tired. In general, they are due to poor blood circulation.
In addition to poor blood circulation, other factors can be added with different colorations:

- Dark circles, usually genetic.
- The blue or purple dark circles, the reason is due to the thinness of the skin at the level of the valley of tears which let the muscles show through.
- Red circles with small blood vessels that give this coloring.

How to treat pigmented/dark circles?

There are several treatments to improve and fade the color of dark circles:

1. Fusion Facial: Potenza RF Microneedling with fusion tip (a technology unique in the world) to deeply deliver specialized topical products to boost results. For dark circles, we use products like exosomes or powerful antioxidants with growth factors.

2. Potenza: RF Microneedling (combined radiofrequency), a revitalizing, firming, and smoothing treatment for the face and body. It will even out the skin tone around the eye area

3. Peeling: by peeling the skin, a new skin will regenerate which will be devoid of melanin.
4. Micro-needling with lightening growth factors, by regenerating the cells the skin will become stronger and the complexion will become uniform.
5. Hyaluronic acid injections, to thicken the very thin skin of the tear trough (lower eyelids).
6. ZO©️ SKIN HEALTH dark circles eye protocol, medical grade products from renowned Dermatologist Zein Obagi.


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